Life Story of 5 Stars Day

Who is 5 Stars Day?

Hello, I am Andrew Su, a data scientist and an independent digital strategist with full stack web development experience based in Asia.

There are too many people with the name Andrew, so normally everyone knows me by my professional calling, STARS DAY, and since I only “rest” at most 5 days in a year, hence my nickname: 5 STARS DAY.

Lifelong learning

Not that I love examinations but I do not hate them. I believe that life is much more than just memorizing facts and slogging our guts out for examinations. However, we cannot stop the main educational convention for assessing what we have learnt. For now, we are fighting an uphill task to talk to politicians about abolishing our outdated examination system in school.

Professional experience

Throughout my professional career over the last 15 years, I have the honor to participate in many projects, both at the local national and international level. Equally I am indeed extremely honored for the opportunities to collaborate with many outstanding and high profile individuals as well as prestigious organizations. I must thank all those whom I have worked and partnered with previously. My achievement owes it to all of your presence and involvement!

Life is a marathon. Live as if you are running one!

I never rest completely. And even when you think I am in a silence mode…that’s because I am already cooking something under my sleeve! That said, if you have a new project where I can contribute in any ways that you anticipate, just drop me a note or message…as I often say:

Excite ME!